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The unfortunate reality is that construction disputes are common, and can be very difficult to resolve. The legal system is such that it allows people to pursue damages for a whole range of issues. But one thing that is true of every construction dispute is that it requires experienced professionals to settle. That’s where we come in.

Apache Legend Group Corporation is here to provide expert construction mediation in Mount Kisco and Westchester County. As a respected commercial construction company, we have extensive experience assisting businesses in resolving a variety of issues, and consider ourselves a convenient, one-stop-shop when it comes to commercial construction. We also offer fast response times, so we can get started on your mediation ASAP. And with free consultations for every potential client, there’s no reason not to call Apache Legend Group to discuss your construction dispute today.

Apache Legend Group Corporation is available by phone at (917) 979-8755.

The Best Ways to Get Through a Construction Mediation

At Apache Legend Group Corporation, our goal is to make your construction mediation as painless as possible. We know that this process is difficult, but we will always be here to help you get through it in a timely and orderly fashion. Preparation is everything in mediation, and with these tips, we hope to better prepare you for the ups and downs of your construction dispute.

Before you enter into a construction mediation, you should:

  • Gather the Necessary Materials: Construction mediation, like all mediation, requires a lot of forms. At Apache Legend Group Corporation, we will help to make sure you have what you need before the mediation process starts, as coming in unprepared will not only make you look unprofessional, but will also likely hurt your case.
  • Be Open to Compromise: You want to get everything you came for in a mediation, and Apache Legend Group Corporation wants that, too. However, you will come off better in the eyes of the other party if you at least seem open to a compromise. From scheduling to venues to other conditions, giving a little can get you a lot in the end.
  • Consider Potential Settlement Outcomes Ahead of Time: Chances are, you are entering construction mediation hoping to receive the largest settlement possible. Again, this is the right attitude, and it’s exactly what Apache Legend Group Corporation is here to help you achieve. That said, preparing a range of settlement options will better prepare you for your eventual outcome. Don’t aim too low, and be aware of what you are not willing to give on. That said, knowing what you can live without is also an important part of the mediation preparedness.
  • Finalize the Deal in the Room: Even if you are not able to draw up all necessary paperwork upon completion of your mediation, you will want to leave the room with more than a handshake. One of the things we do at Apache Legend Group Corporation is to make sure you walk away with documents such as a term sheet. You will want something binding, that outlines all the pertinent details of the mediation, so the other party will have a harder time going back on what they said or changing the terms of the settlement later. Ideally, you should even prepare a term sheet for signature before the mediation begins.
  • Remain Positive: Once more, it is important to remember that this process is difficult. It can be tedious, trying, and in a worst case scenario, long and drawn out. While Apache Legend Group Corporation will help negate the worst aspects of mediation as much as possible, it is up to you not to lose hope or get too down about the situation. Coming in with a bad attitude will make things worse for everyone involved. Be ready to learn for the future, and reflect on the positive even in the most challenging moments.

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If you are dealing with a construction dispute in Mount Kisco or greater Westchester County, Apache Legend Group Corporation is the company to call. Backed by a reputation built on honesty and integrity, you can trust us to always keep your best interests at heart. Our professional mediation specialists offer services in Spanish, as well as Hungarian, and promise to accommodate as many of our clients’ needs as possible. Plus with after-hours and weekend service, you can count on Apache Legend Group Corporation to always be here for you.

Call our Mount Kisco construction mediation company today at (917) 979-8755, or send us a message online.

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