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Renovation Trends of 2021 | Apache Legend Group Corporation

It’s safe to say that 2020 was a year like no other. From offices shutting down to our kids learning remotely, our lives shifted to being entirely at home. As most of us are still spending a majority of our time in our kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms, it’s no surprise that renovating our living spaces is top of mind in 2021.


If you’re looking to repurpose your space this year, we’ve shared the top 7 renovation trends for 2021.

Work-From-Home Sanctuaries

With most of us now working remotely, creating a dedicated home office space reduces distractions and helps with productivity. There has been an increase in demand for home office renovations, with many people transforming bedrooms and extra rooms into office spaces. Much of the focus here is to create a space that maximizes motivation and productivity. Things like furniture, lighting, and paint colors play a huge role in a home office makeover. Whether our positions have become fully remote or our offices are closed until further notice, it’s essential to have a home workspace you look forward to being in every day.


Sustainability goes way beyond sourcing organic materials and recycling plastic. Incorporating green initiatives is becoming more popular, especially in the home. Whether it’s HVAC upgrades or cutting your energy costs by installing energy-efficient windows, there has been an increase in sustainability initiatives in residential and commercial industries. We see green solutions extending into 2021 and beyond.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Creating the perfect indoor-outdoor connection in your living space is something we see a huge demand for in 2021. The indoor-outdoor flow makes for a great staycation as most of us are not planning on traveling anywhere for a bit of time. Indoor-outdoor spaces allow homeowners to create a luxury space where they can accommodate more guests and feel connected to nature. Things like pools, sunrooms, and fireplaces can add significant value to any outdoor space. These spaces can be utilized for outdoor entertainment, relaxation, or when you just want a breath of fresh air.

Bathroom Oasis

Have you ever found yourself escaping to your bathroom for some alone time, even if it’s just for a minute? Many people rely on their bathrooms for relaxation, and this year, we’ve been seeing homeowners renovate their bathrooms to create their oasis. Upgrades like soaking tubs, floating vanities, and steam showers are just a few ways to make a restful retreat in your home’s master bathroom.

Larger Kitchens and Dining Spaces

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many families started cooking more than they ever had before. Due to the increase in home cooking, homeowners realize that they want to upgrade their kitchens and dining spaces to accommodate their cooking needs as well as guests. Upgrades like kitchen islands and quartz countertops are a few of the renovations that are currently in demand and we see this continuing in future kitchen remodeling.

Two-Toned Cabinets

It’s very typical for most homes to be painted the same color. For example, if a living room is painted light grey, the furniture will most likely match that color. In 2021, we’ve seen two-toned cabinets as another type of renovation homeowners are interested in exploring to create an aesthetically pleasing space.

Large Windows

It’s no secret that large windows are found in most modern homes. Adding large windows throughout your house allows the natural light to come in, making the space look bigger than it actually is. Windows come in various styles and materials, so it’s important to choose the ones that suit your home.

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